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PET Recycling

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Did you know that it takes over 700 years for plastic bottles to break down into the soil?
And, did you also know that our landfill at Riverton City is now almost at capacity?

Well, now at last, you can stop the incessant flow of plastic bottles and containers/items (as well as aluminum cans and glass bottles) into your collection bins (and eventually into our landfill) and help to preserve and protect Jamaica’s precious environment.

Please set aside all your plastic bottles, containers and items (as depicted below) as well as aluminum cans, in the bins that we have provided and place them in a designated area for collection… and for proper disposition/recycling.

Please rinse, drain, squeeze and seal all plastic bottles

PET (#1)


HDPE (#2)


HDPE (#2)


Misc. Plastics



Recycling Program

Please use the blue recycle bins, marked with the recycle logo

Designated locations:

  1. Trinidad Kids Park (NEW)
  2. Dominica Kids Park
  3. St Lucia Kids Park 
  4. Martinique Kids Park          
  5. Grenada Kids Park
  6. Behind the Commercial Complex
  7. Barbados Kids Park

Protect the Environment Trust (PET)
24 Haining Road
Kingston 5
75-GREEN (754-7336)

Recycling Program

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