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Community Breaches

CECA is always available to guide you with any alteration plans to the exterior of your property. Please refer to your Home <Sales Agreement> and consult with the Executive of the CECA before you make any structural changes. All plans for exterior changes to the building or structure on the land must be submitted to the property office and the St. Catherine Parish Council for approval before work begins.

We advise all home owners who are in breach o the covenants to remedy the situation by regularizing their unit as soon as possible. We will be submitting the list of breaches to the lawyer.

Here are tow restrictive covenants remainders:

8. No building or structure of any kind shall be erected on the front of the main building nor shall an addition or extension be    constructed nearer than 1.2m from the side (save and except an open-air carport) or rear boundaries.
13. No change shall be made to or permitted to remain in respect of the original exterior colour scheme of any building or structure on the said land nor any way to alter or change the exterior of the said building on said land.  


Meeting Dates
A. The Executive Board
The 2nd Saturday of every month.

B. Block Associations

  1. St. Lucia (Block A): The 2nd Sunday of every month
  2. Martinique (Block B):The 2nd Sunday of every month
  3. Dominica (Block C): The 3rd Sunday of every month
  4. St. Vincent (Block D):The last Sunday in each month
  5. Barbados (Block E): 1st. Sunday in each month
  6. Grenada (Block F): 1st. Sunday following the Exec. meeting
  7. St. Martin (Block G): The 2nd Sunday of every month
  8. Trinidad (Block H): The last Sunday of every month
 Maintenance Fee Delinquents
  • Click Here to view list 
  • Also see the notice board in your block for the delinquency list.

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