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Caribbean Estates

Recycling Tip-bits

Did You Know?
Recycling a ton of plastic bottles can save about 3.8 barrels of oil.
It takes one quarter pound of plastic to deliver one gallon of soda.
It takes about fourteen 20-ounce beverage bottles to make an extra large T-Shirt.
One Adirondack chair can be made from approximately 240 recycled milk jugs

Recycling Program

Please use the blue recycle bins, marked with the recycle logo

Designated locations:

  1. Trinidad Kids Park (NEW)
  2. Dominica Kids Park
  3. St Lucia Kids Park 
  4. Martinique Kids Park          
  5. Grenada Kids Park
  6. Behind the Commercial Complex
  7. Barbados Kids Park

Protect the Environment Trust (PET)
24 Haining Road
Kingston 5
75-GREEN (754-7336)

Recycling Program

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