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Plastics Recycling in Simple Steps

Before you throw away that empty plastic bottle, think about recycling it.  

Caribbean Estates Citizens Association (CECA) has a recycle program in conjunction with the Protect the Environment Trust (PET).  We encourage all Caribbean Estates residents to get fully on board with our program.  We need your support to make this program a success for the estate and Jamaica.  We have all seen the garbage pileup on our streets, rivers, gullies and beaches – all because of our inability to dispose of our plastics in a safe and secure way.  We need to do our part to stem the flow of plastics into our landfills etc.

When it comes to embracing environmentally friendly technologies, recycling may not be as exciting the other areas of our lives, but it’s one area where ordinary residents can make a huge difference.
Since November 2009 CECA has been depositing plastics for the PET to collect on a fortnightly basis.  Through this program, already we have helped to recycle hundreds of plastic bottles which are used to create an array of second-generation products – everything from fleece jackets and bottles for beverages and detergents to carpeting and even high-end composite lumber for outdoor

Deposit bottles/recycle materials in the recycle bin (Blue drums clearly labeled as such on the estate) – not the NSWMA trash.

Plastic bottles are among the most readily recycled plastics, but there’s still a lot we can do to recycle more of them.  Here’s the problem:  Lightweight, shatterproof plastic beverage bottles are ideal to take on the go – to work, to school, to the gym, on errands, and just about anywhere.  But because more beverages are being consumed away from home, a smaller percentage of empty beverage bottles are making it into our recycling bins.  

One remedy:  Place the cap back on and temporarily store the empty bottle in your gym bag etc or simply leave it in your car until you get home. This will prevent any residual liquid from leaking out until you can properly recycle the bottle.

Recycling Program

Please use the blue recycle bins, marked with the recycle logo

Designated locations:

  1. Trinidad Kids Park (NEW)
  2. Dominica Kids Park
  3. St Lucia Kids Park 
  4. Martinique Kids Park          
  5. Grenada Kids Park
  6. Behind the Commercial Complex
  7. Barbados Kids Park

Protect the Environment Trust (PET)
24 Haining Road
Kingston 5
75-GREEN (754-7336)

Recycling Program

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