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Caribbean Estates

General Meeting Agenda - Trinidad

Vision: To be the envy of Caribbean Estates by making our cluster the most aesthetic



• Meeting called to order                                                    
   Apologies for absence  
President/vice president
•    Minutes of previous meeting Secretary/ Asst. Sec

•    Matters arising

  • Opening of Account
    Fete - payments/returns
    CECA’S  BBQ                                                      
    Private Letter Box
    Painting of curb wall/sleeping policemen
    Solar water pumps
    Playing of football on the roadway
    Stray dogs
Fundraising Coordinator
•    Security Report Security Rep.

•    Financial Report

  • Collection of dues
Treasurer/ Assistant

•    New Business

  • Events for the rest of the year
    Opening of the Dunbeholden Gate for general usage
    Access Code distribution


Meet your executive (Steering Committee)
President:   Clive Walker                                   
2nd Vice President: Turnell  Taylor                               
Secretary: Carlene Clarke                                 
Treasurer: Duane Wellington                          
Asst. Treasurer: Levaughn Flyn        
Asst. Security Rep: Audley Burke
Shelly-Ann Louden:  Ass. Secretary
Celia Lee: Pro
Erica Forbes-Blair :Ass. Fund Raising cordr
Patrick Wilson: Utility Rep
Richard Kelly: Asst. Utility Rep
Thomas Thompson: Security Rep
Julie Buchanan
Residents are reminded to obtain a flow home phone to permit access to cluster by visitors. Thanks to all our volunteers who worked at the Fete, Mr. Jones

Click here to download agenda (.pdf)


President/vice president                  

Meeting Dates
A. The Executive Board
The 2nd Saturday of every month.

B. Block Associations

  1. St. Lucia (Block A): The 2nd Sunday of every month
  2. Martinique (Block B):The 2nd Sunday of every month
  3. Dominica (Block C): The 3rd Sunday of every month
  4. St. Vincent (Block D):The last Sunday in each month
  5. Barbados (Block E): 1st. Sunday in each month
  6. Grenada (Block F): 1st. Sunday following the Exec. meeting
  7. St. Martin (Block G): The 2nd Sunday of every month
  8. Trinidad (Block H): The last Sunday of every month
 Maintenance Fee Delinquents
  • Click Here to view list 
  • Also see the notice board in your block for the delinquency list.

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