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Caribbean Estates


Sunday, May 15, 2011
5:30 p.m.
Aerobics Room


I.    Call to Order
II.    Invocation
III.    Trivia/Icebreaker
IV.    Apologies for Absence/Lateness
V.    Reading and Confirmation of Last Meeting’s Minutes
VI.    Matters Arising from the Minutes
VII.    Tabling of Reports:
  a.    Treasurer - budget updates, etc.
  b.    V.P. in-charge of Utilities  
  c.    Security – status of proposals to install cameras at cluster gates,

        installation of razor wire, etc.
VIII.    New Business
a.    Fundraising activities
b.    Labour day project
c.    Tele-entry system to be used at main gate
IX.    Any Other Business
X.    Date of next meeting
XI.    Adjournment


Meeting Dates
A. The Executive Board
The 2nd Saturday of every month.

B. Block Associations

  1. St. Lucia (Block A): The 2nd Sunday of every month
  2. Martinique (Block B):The 2nd Sunday of every month
  3. Dominica (Block C): The 3rd Sunday of every month
  4. St. Vincent (Block D):The last Sunday in each month
  5. Barbados (Block E): 1st. Sunday in each month
  6. Grenada (Block F): 1st. Sunday following the Exec. meeting
  7. St. Martin (Block G): The 2nd Sunday of every month
  8. Trinidad (Block H): The last Sunday of every month
 Maintenance Fee Delinquents
  • Click Here to view list 
  • Also see the notice board in your block for the delinquency list.

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