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Recycling Program

Protect the Environment Trust (PET) has partnered with Caribbean Estates Citizens Association to recylcle all plastics used in households effective November 2009.  PET has ensured the following:

* They have provided bins for the storage of the plastic containers.
* They have been picking up the plastics from the Estates every other Thursday

Click on the following links to find out more about our community plastic recycling program.

Recycling quick facts

Caribbean Estates Residents,

In less than 8 months since December 2009, we have recycled more than 32,500 plastic bottles from Caribbean Estates!  
Let's put this into context:


Trinidad our newest block goes green

The newest cluster to join the Caribbean Estates family is also the latest addition to the recycle family.  Trinidad has placed a recycle drum in their cluster park and are fully on board in encouraging their residents to participate in the recycle effort.  Trinidad has joined a distinguished list of clusters who have already fully embraced the recycle effort- They are:


Recycle Warriors needed

Caribbean Estates has been recycling plastics since November 2009, we have some recycle warriors but we need more - join us in this program so that we can set an example as a community to the rest of Jamaica on how recycling can be done without major interruption to daily living.
Send us your email address so we can make contact with you so you can help us to make this better. Send contact details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it also contact your cluster executive to indicate your interest in the program.

Dominica Joins Recycling Program

Dominica Cluster joins Caribbean Estates recycling program.

The newest cluster to join the Caribbean Estates recycle program is Block C - Dominica.  As per President Norman Walker
"We have been chastised by the recycle soldiers within the estates, I have heard the cries of our cluster residents who have to travel long


Plastics Recycling in Simple Steps

Before you throw away that empty plastic bottle, think about recycling it.  

Recycling Tip-bits

Did You Know?
Recycling a ton of plastic bottles can save about 3.8 barrels of oil.
It takes one quarter pound of plastic to deliver one gallon of soda.
It takes about fourteen 20-ounce beverage bottles to make an extra large T-Shirt.
One Adirondack chair can be made from approximately 240 recycled milk jugs

Recycling Program

Please use the blue recycle bins, marked with the recycle logo

Designated locations:

  1. Trinidad Kids Park (NEW)
  2. Dominica Kids Park
  3. St Lucia Kids Park 
  4. Martinique Kids Park          
  5. Grenada Kids Park
  6. Behind the Commercial Complex
  7. Barbados Kids Park

Protect the Environment Trust (PET)
24 Haining Road
Kingston 5
75-GREEN (754-7336)

Recycling Program

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